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Stamp carrier
The stamp holder for hand stamps
3008 for 8 stamps
3014 for 14 stamps




Inkpads for hand stamps in 3 sizes

and in the colours

Black, Blue, Red, Violet, and Green.
9051 size: 9 x 5 cm
9052 size: 11 x 7 cm
9053 size: 16 x 9 cm



Inks for re-inking inkpads for hand stamps 7011
Black, Blue, Red, Violet, and Green.

Pocket stamp "Vienna"

The small and handy plastic case with stamp
and inkpad in 2 sizes
9011 size: 39 x 14 mm
9012 size: 54 x 18 mm

Clip-on pocket stamp
The clip-on pocket stamp -
the individual accessory for traveling.
Size: 35 x 9 mm