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Wax Seals

Custom Made Wax Seal, made from solid brass, and fitted to a Timber Handle.

Standard Size 25 mm Diameter,

Artwork to be Supplied as a PDF File Black on White 600 dpi.

Manufacture time usually approx. 2 weeks from receipt of Order and Artwork.

Wax Rods

Wax Rods, Size approx. 100 x 11 mm, (Please select Colour.) Designed to fit a large size glue gun. Colours Available Bright Red, Gold, Silver, Dark Red, Black etc.

Roughly 6 Impressions to a rod. (Discounts available for quanity order)

Large Glue Gun

Large sized Glue Gun for use with Wax Rods, You will need at least two rods of wax to push through the wax gun
Wax Rods Large Glue Gun

Your Price $175.00

We can make wax seals in any size or shape at extra cost). ie 30 mm dia, 35mm Dia or rectangular etc. 

Your Price $4.00 Your Price $22.00