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What is a Web site?

What Types of  Sites are there?

Why do I Need a Web site?

Choosing Your Domain Name!

WebSite Hosting

By targeting your needs, Adds Together offers a complete Internet Business Solution. 
We tailor solutions for our clients depending on the purpose of their site.

What is a Web site?

A web site is a collection of information kept on the Internet and viewed using software called a 'browser' (supplied with most computer operating systems).

Web sites can be static (contents are fixed and updated by developers), dynamic (contents are stored in a database and updated by your staff) or a combination of both.

You can host your own web site or you can outsource site hosting to another group. Unless you have the resources to install & maintain a good connection to the Internet and large computers, it is usually best to outsource your web hosting. We can help you with any or all of your requirements.

Web sites can be found using Internet search engines, a form of Yellow Pages, where people can enter words and/or phases then be shown all web sites that match their search. Companies and individuals have web sites for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Providing marketing and advertising information to the general public.
  • Allowing clients to obtain information and services specific to the company's operations.
  • Selling products and / or services.
  • Reducing the paper brochures required, by brochures on line.


What is a Web site? What Types of  Sites are there?
Why do I Need a Web site? Choosing Your Domain Name!

Why do I Need a Web site?

As more and more people have access to the Internet, they are using it to find companies, research purchase options, answer questions and even to purchase goods and services.
Additionally, many people are expecting to be able to contact companies via e-mail, obtain information at all hours and get responses within hours instead of days or weeks.

Having a web site is like having an advertisement in the yellow pages on a global scale. It can significantly increase sales leads and assist in opening new markets on an international basis.

Some companies use a web site as a form of marketing, others as a salesman. Your web site could be used to supply information and or updates to your clients thereby significantly reducing the workload if they are manually answering calls and sending out information, etc.

If you do not have a web site, you could be missing those customers who are using the Internet to research options and make purchasing decisions from their findings. An initial web presence can be provided without a significant investment of time or money, allowing you to begin evaluating the opportunities the Internet can provide.  

The old adage "if you don't have a sign, it's a sign you are going out of business" also applies to a web site, if you don't have a web presence are you serious about your business in this day and age. 


What is a Web site? What Types of  Sites are there?
Why do I Need a Web site? Choosing Your Domain Name!

Choosing Your Domain Name!

Think about your Domain Name Carefully 

When setting up your web site, you will need to select a "domain name." This is the on-line address that people can use to find you (eg:,, etc). It is recommended that, if possible, you select a domain name that matches your company name (or the service being provided) as closely as possible.

Within Australia, the majority of domain names are broken into commercial (, network (, not-for-profit organisations ( and educational institutions ( To obtain one of these domains, you will need to meet the requirements (commercial vs not-for-profit) and also ensure that the domain name matches your company/ business/ organisation name.

If the Australian domain criteria are too restrictive, you can obtain an international domain (.com, .org, .edu, etc). There are no special requirements for these domains - if you can pay then you can have it (unless someone has beaten you to it, of course).

Adds Together will work with you to prepare a list of possible domain names your web site can use. We will then work through the list until we find one that has not yet been used, at which point we will register it for you.

Think carefully before Domain Name Registration because its yours for at least a year!


What is a Web site? What Types of  Sites are there?
Why do I Need a Web site? Choosing Your Domain Name!

Web sites vary in complexity and purpose.

At Adds Together we offer a range of affordable internet services that enable any business, regardless of size, to gain a professional web presence.

Web Presence or Business Card usually a home page detailing the companies activities and a contact page

The Brochure Site
Includes all of the information included in a "Business Card" Internet web site plus several pages of information similar to that contained on a company's advertising literature or brochure. Tends to be more static than dynamic with updates every now and then.

The Inventory Listing Site
It's an easy, effective and economical way of listing available inventory, offerings, etc. Often used by retailers and dealers of all types, examples include catalogue sales organisations, tour groups, classified advertising, etc. Tends to be quite dynamic and thus requires constant changes & updates.

Custom Sites
Customer focused & developed. The Web Site is tailored to suit your business requirements and budget. 

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