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Horseshoes - Bulk Order Pricelist


For new orders there is a set up fee.
Prices start from $165-00
Depending on the amount of letters.

  Blacksmiths - Hot Horseshoe


x 200 Horseshoes  $1-93 each  $386-00 Total

 x 500 Horseshoes  $1-70 each  $850-00 Total

 Fridge Magnets  $2-80 each

 Business Card / Mobile Phone Holders $7-20 each

 Horseshoe Puzzles      $7-70 each

 Belt Buckles             $9-80

 It is also possible to have up to 18 letters per line

A minimum order of 200 horseshoes is required smaller orders can be catered for however additional charges will apply.

You may also make part of your order as fridge magnets, business card holders, or horseshoe puzzles .